Top Tips To Improve Your Hand-Eye Coordination

If you’ve recently taken up Redhill netball lessons, you might be discovering that your hand-eye coordination could use some work. Even if you haven’t got back to the netball court yet, there are still many good reasons to improve your coordination.

In an article for the Guardian, England Netball coach Alexandra Boulton shared a few exercises you can do to help improve your hand-eye coordination.

First up is to simply juggle a ball. Start by holding a netball in front of your face, use just your fingertips to pass it between your hands, which should be roughly shoulder-width apart. Then try to raise the ball over your head and bring it all the way down to your hips while still passing the ball between your hands.

If you want to practice some of your basic netball passes while improving your coordination, Ms Boulton recommends throwing your ball against the wall, using different passes such as chest, shoulder and overhead. Each time you catch the rebound, take a step back and see how far away from the wall you can get before the ball drops.

Another good way to train is to mark a target on a wall with chalk. You should aim to hit the target ten times in a row. Mix it up by drawing the target at different heights and by moving yourself further from the wall. Make sure you try it with different types of passes too.

England Netball recently revealed that 130,700 people have been inspired to head back to the netball court as a result of the England women’s performance in recent years. If you’re falling in love with netball all over again, make sure you’ve got time to try some of those drills at home.