Top Netball Quotes for #IWD2018

In honour of International Women’s Day 2018, the team at SistersnSport raided our favourite social media posts over the last couple of years to find our most inspiring quotes and stories from netballers all over the world.

With examples of amazing resilience, teamwork, self-esteem, determination, these Super Sporty Sisters are fantastic sports role models. To us, they are what netball and team sport are all about!

To all 16 of you, thank you for inspiring us! ❤

Happy #IWD2018 !

1. Helen Housby, England & NSW Swifts

On netball:

Via BBC Get Inspired

2. Caitlin Bassett, Australia & Sunshine Coast Lightning

On being tall:

“Being the tallest girl in the school was tough.….just because I’m tall doesn’t mean I can’t hear. At that age you just want to fit in. But being unique is a strength and I want to use my strength to inspire others.”

Via Samsung Australia #RiseAboveIt

3. Ama Agbeze, England & Adelaide Thunderbirds

On belief:

“You only get belief from actually doing the work beforehand. Then you’ll have confidence in yourself. But you cannot have that belief in something if you’re not putting in the work. It gives you that drive to succeed.”

Via Sky Sports

4. Pamela Cookey, ex-England & Team Bath

On how to be to be the best you can be:

“Never limit yourself. We don’t know what our bodies can do and what our minds can achieve.”

Via BBC Get Inspired

5. Sharni Layton, Australia & Collingwood Magpies

On drive, determination and hard work:

“I missed out on a lot of teams when I was younger. I sat on the bench for 5 years. I didn’t believe in myself. Didn’t think I was good enough to be there. But I was like you know what — cut it out and focus. So, I did extra sessions at the gym and on court work. It just gave me confidence that if I applied myself I could achieve what I wanted to. And then it went to “now I’m playing and now I want to be the best.”

“I look at myself in the mirror in the eye before a game and say “you got this” and whoever you are playing today “has not got this.”

Via Samsung Australia #ProveThemWrong

6. Jade Clarke, England & Wasps

On why she loves team sport:

Via TeamupEngland Twitter

7. Susan Pettitt, Australia & Giants Netball

On being selected for the Commonwealth Games:

“DREAMS DO COME TRUE If you had of asked me 3 years ago if this dream was achievable I would’ve had my doubts. I’m so proud of my persistence, hard work and the unwavering support of those closest to me. We did it. COMM GAMES BABY!! “

Via Twitter

8. Kadeen Corbin, England & Team Bath

On Passion:

“If you’re really passionate about the game, you’ll always put your best foot forward. Whatever position you’re put in, that’s the passion you have to get the turnovers, to get the shots in, and pass the ball to your team-mates.

That’s the passion you need to have for the game, and the drive you need to succeed. If you’ve got that passion then you’ll always be there at training and you’ll be a real team player.”

Via Sky Sports

9. Paige Hadley, Australia & NSW Swifts

On never giving up:

Via Samsung Australia #NeverGiveUp

10. Sasha Corbin, England & Mavericks

On life skills learned from playing netball:

“Netball has been fantastic for life skills: It’s given me confidence — I’m able to work in a team, I’m able to sometimes lead — discipline and the determination to hit goals and targets that we’ve set.”

Via BBC Bitesize

11. Laura Geitz, Australia & Queensland Firebirds

On self-doubt and being brave:

“I made a promise to myself at 18 years of age that whenever anything came across the table I would always say yes to it before I’d think about it because 9 times out of 10 it would push me outside my comfort zone & those experiences are the best.”

On staying active in sport:

Via Australian Sports Commission

12. Fiona Moore-McGrath, ex-Scotland & Sirens

On netball role models:

“For me and the rest of the girls to be able to provide a little bit of inspiration to these kids (at Sirens home games) is just fantastic. Hopefully it makes them think well if she can do it, why can’t I? There’s no reason why they can’t follow in our footsteps and do it even better than us and I hope they realise that.”

Via Herald Scotland

13. Caitlin Thwaites, Australia & Collingwood Magpies

On how netball can help you feel better about yourself:

“I think netball and sport for me has always been a place where I can almost have a bit of self-worth from my ability on the sports field and so that has been really amazing.”

“It doesn’t actually matter what is going on in my life elsewhere, it is almost like you can put on a uniform and be someone else for a little while.”

Via ABC Australia

14. Sharni Layton, Australia & Collingwood Magpies

On tips for netball beginners:

“Enjoy yourself and your time learning a new sport and making new friends. Don’t put any pressure or expectations on yourself. You can want to get better, but do this by giving your all at every training session and game and everything else will look after itself. Remember to be you and let your personality shine whilst playing!”

Via Real Insurance

15. Ama Agbeze & Mia Ritchie, England:

On THAT Netball is cool/uncool debate in 2017:

“I’m @amaagbeze I captain the @England_Netball Roses and I’m proud to play netball. Cool or not! #NetballOnTheRise

Via Twitter

16. Peace Proscovia, Uganda & Loughborough Lightning

On how netball changed her life:

“I look at netball like a pillar to lean on, all that I am today is because of netball.”

Via Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

17. Camilla Buchanan

On spreading the netball love in Uganda in 2018:


18. Liz Watson

On being an Aussie Diamond:


19. Lisa Alexander

The importance of being a role model:


20. Liz Ellis

On the changing landscape of women’s sport:


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