Johnson-Thompson Wins Heptathlon Gold

Katarina Johnson-Thompson proved British female athletes should not be underestimated when she took home the heptathlon gold at the World Athletics Championships Doha 2019 last week.

The 26-year-old Liverpudlian scored 6,981 points at the tournament, being held in Qatar, setting not only a personal best, but a new British record.

She managed to beat British record-holder Jessica Ennis-Hill, who previously scored 6,955 for her heptathlon contest at the London Olympics 2012.

Showing her support for fellow heptathlete, the now retired Ennis-Hill told the Mirror: “Nobody can doubt her now. She has faced the best in the world and come out on top.”

This accolade for Johnson-Thompson comes after several years of competing in international competitions, including the London Olympics 2012, previous World Championships, and Rio 2016 Olympics. During the latter tournament, she placed sixth with a mark of 6,523.

However, the athlete is now on track to take home the top prize at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics later this summer.

Johnson-Thompson has clearly been left overwhelmed by her own achievements, taking to Twitter to say: “Honestly I can not believe what happened last night. WORLD CHAMPION. PB & New British record 6981 what the hell! [sic]”

Support for the rising star has been so great, this tweet alone has been re-tweeted 3,700 times and liked by 86,800 people on the social network.

Female athletes are doing wonders for encouraging young women to get into sport, particularly when they walk away with huge accolades such as this.

If Johnson-Thompson’s achievements have inspired you, why not look at Putney netball lessons and see what you are capable of?

Did England’s Netball Gold Medal Inspire You?

If you’ve recently started going to Putney netball lessons, were you inspired to get back on the court by the performance of the English netball team at the Commonwealth Games last year?

If you were, you certainly aren’t alone in having been encouraged to get involved with netball due to the success of the Vitality Roses. New research from England Netball has revealed that more than 130,700 people were inspired to play netball after the women won Gold for England.

What’s more, 80 per cent of those who engaged with the sport as part of the Back to Netball campaign following the Commonwealth Games victory were new to the activity.

There was also a 106 per cent increase in participation in walking netball between April 2018-2019, compared to the previous 12 months.

Chief executive at England Netball Joanna Adams commented: “It is fantastic to see that more women than ever before are playing netball each week because we know it can make such a positive difference to people’s lives.”

She added that she “can’t wait” to see how netball’s popularity may surge further when the UK hosts the Vitality Netball World Cup later this year.

It’s important to encourage people of all ages to take part in sports, and 77 per cent of those surveyed by the organisation believe the England Netball team are an inspiration to young girls.

Encouraging more girls to get involved in sports like netball is important, not only for their physical health but also to help improve their life skills. New research recently revealed that children who take part in sport are not only more likely to have good life skills, but are also more likely to feel empowered, have high self esteem and be good leaders.

How To Stay On Track With Your New Year’s Fitness Goals

How many of us hit 1st January and set out a list of goals about getting fitter, healthier and more toned in the new year? But by the end of the first month of the year, how many of us are still going?

Probably fewer than we’d care to admit. So if you’re serious about getting fitter and healthier in 2019, what can you do to make sure you stay the course? An article for My Record Journal recently offered some top tips.

First up is that you don’t need to join a gym to do exercise. If you’ve tried working out at a gym before and found that it just doesn’t work for you, then look for other options. Finding Putney netball lessons could be ideal, for instance.

You also don’t need to train every day. The news provider notes that sticking to a routine is more important than hitting the gym every day. “It’s better to commit to a twice a week workout than a rigorous four times a week workout,” the article states.

When it comes to setting goals, make them small and specific. That way you won’t get disillusioned because you still have a long way to go one month in, and it will allow you to set new goals as you progress throughout the year.

An article for Joe also offered some tips on sticking to fitness goals in 2019. Among them is to find a training partner, because this can make you feel more accountable and makes you less likely to miss a session.

Training for a team sport like netball will have the same effect – you won’t want to let people down by failing to turn up to training sessions and that means you’re more likely attend each week.