Fitness Trackers For Kids This Christmas?

Parents struggling to find something to buy their children this Christmas might want to boost their activity levels and motivate them to get involved in sport by giving them a fitness tracker to open on December 25th.

If you want your young ones to get fitter in 2020 by enrolling them in Putney netball classes, you could get the ball rolling by encouraging them to increase the number of steps they take and how long they are active for.

Fitness trackers could be ideal for this, with The Sun reporting that kids’ activity watches “are a gamified way of getting kids to enjoy getting outdoors and moving around, even in the rain, when they’re grumpy and when they’re exhausted”.

Many provide incentives for children to reach their step goal, such as being able to play a game or receive a virtual badge. Therefore, kids are more likely to increase their activity levels by wanting to receive these rewards at the end of each day.

Mums and dads who are looking for a fitness tracker for their youngster have been advised by Which? to consider the Fitbit Ace2, which is designed for children who are six and older.

This chunky strap is available in pink, green, purple, blue or yellow, making it appealing for young children. It tracks steps and sleep, and reminds youngsters to move if they have been inactive for a bit.

It also suggested the Garmin Vivofit Jnr 2, which gives kids rewards not only for meeting their step goals, but also for completing chores. The tracker is a good choice for swimmers, as it is waterproof, and comes in bright patterns, including Marvel, Disney and Star Wars designs.