‘How the Fast 5 Netball Tournament inspired me & lots of other young netballers’

‘How the Fast 5 Netball Tournament inspired me & lots of other young netballers’

On Saturday 13th October, I went to watch the British Fast 5 Netball at the Copper Box at the Olympic Park. In my opinion, Fast 5 Netball is a fast paced, inspiring sport when you don’t know what will happen next – one minute you could be losing 15-0 then the next you could be winning 30-15. It’s not a game where if your team is winning by a huge difference you can relax because you never know what will happen next and that is what makes it more exciting and different from other sports.

The atmosphere was fantastic but what stood out to me was not seeing lots of women playing netball, not that it was being filmed by Sky Sports (although both of these were amazing!); what stood out to me was seeing lots of girls supporting their teams – Wasps, Mavericks or Surrey Storm or any other team. They had come to support their team, just as people go to support their football or rugby teams.

Another brilliant thing at the Fast 5 was seeing the players playing their hearts out but then despite being probably very tired, they all took the time to sign autographs. They may not realise it but it means so much to girls my age (11) to meet our sport heroines. Who knows if watching and meeting these netballers might lead to the start of a new generation of female sports stars?

If you have not been to watch a netball match live yet, although you have started playing at school, I would recommend going along to one because it is really inspiring. “If you can’t see it, you can’t be it” as the 20×20 campaign says.

It was honour to speak to Sharni Layton and to be allowed to touch Rachel Dunn’s Golden Ball Award for the Player of the Tournament (well done to her). Now all I want to do is to go out and practise lots of shooting!




Natasha Bennett, GA, Age 11