Costs Forcing Children Out Of Sport

All children are encouraged to take part in physical activities. However, some are at a disadvantage due to the expensive cost of equipment, classes and sports apparel, according to a recent survey.

The Aspen Institute revealed many youngsters are being forced to drop their favourite hobby as they cannot afford to continue with it.

Sports reporter Mike Gunzelman told FOX Business Network’s ‘FBN:AM’: “The amount of kids playing sports is actually dramatically increasing, and especially with lower-income and middle-class income families, and the main reason why is, of course, the cost of it.”

The survey found that only 38 per cent of kids between six and 12 years old played team sports regularly last year. This is a significant drop from 45 per cent ten years ago in 2008.

According to the report: “Children from low-income families are half as likely to play sports as kids from upper-income homes.”

This could have a detrimental impact on children who want to pursue a career in sports even though their parents might not be able to afford to keep up with payments for classes, clubs, equipment and clothing.

That is why it is so important schools encourage fitness as well, giving children the opportunity to practice their skills for free and use equipment without having to buy it.

One school that is getting kids involved in sports is Manorbrook Primary in Thornbury, which recently introduced the Gymrun fitness scheme for pupils from Years 3 to 6, the Gazette recently reported.

While Gymrun allows children to complete different fitness challenges, some kids might prefer to hone their skills in organised sports classes instead.

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