Winners of the Sisters n Sport Netball National Cup 2018/2019 Finals

14 Teams, 2 Days, 7 Champion Winning Teams!

After 7 months of competition in the Sisters n Sport Netball National Cup – there were only 14 teams left in the competition and they travelled to Cheshire on the 26th/27th March 2019.  They were treated to a brand new Sports Centre – which had only opened the day before Finals.

The Grange School, Northwich did everyone proud – what a fantastic venue!  All of the staff worked tirelessly to ensure that the brand new Sports Hall was ready for the Sisters n Sport National Cup Finals and were on hand throughout both days of competition – supporting Sisters n Sport and all of the teams – they ensured a fantastic event too place.

The Sports Hall had a great viewing gallery for spectators, but we knew not all parents and supporters would be able to travel and so Sisters n Sport ensured that everyone could keep up to date via our realtime Twitter Commentary and updates as well as having the opportunity to watch the games live via our Facebook page.

The first day of finals saw the U15, U16 and Senior finals – and we had a real treat in store!

U15 Sisters n Sport Netball National Cup Final
Solihull School (Midlands) v St Swithun’s (South West)

U15 SnS National Champions – Solihull School
MVP – Izzy Gardner – Solihull School

Our opening match of the Sisters n Sport Netball National Cup Finals and it didn’t disappoint!  Both teams were off to a great start, a few nerves on court but we were goal for goal in the first quarter – both teams showing strong defence and great shooting stats.  End of the first quarter and only two goals separated the teams.  This continued in the second quarter with end of end action.  Both teams holding strong and taking their opportunites – end of the half and still only two goals in it – 20-18 to Solihull School.

The third quarter was the turning point – Solihull School came out firing and St Swithun’s were not able to respond – end of the third quarter and Solihull School had strengthened their lead to 10 goals – putting them in the driving seat for the final quarter.  The last 15 were a close encounter like the first half – St Swithun’s responded well but just conuld not break into the lead Solihull had developed in the third quatter – only one goal separated them in that final quarter but the the third quarter had been vital and Solihull School were crowned Champtions – winning 42-31.

Great performances from all players, with GA Izzy Gardner from Solihull School being awarded MVP by Manchester Thunder’s Laura Malcolm.

Click here for a Gallery of Photographs from the U15 Sisters n Sport National Cup Final taken by Clive Jones.

U16 Sisters n Sport Netball National Final
Loughborough High School v Godolphin & Latymer

U16 SnS National Champions – Godolphin & Latymer School
MVP – Jessica Mayer – Godolphin & Latymer School

These teams had faced each other once before this season with Loughborough High School being the winners that day and so we knew this was going to be a close and well fought final.  Loughborough HS proved to be very fast out of the blocks – taking early leads in each quarter.  The first quarters they took a 3 goals lead but in the final moments – Godolphin & Latymer School made a comeback to bring the score to 12-11 Loughborough HS lead.  Again Loughborough hit t he ground running in the 2nd quarter taking a 5 goal lead – with some super shooting and patient court play – before G&L took some important turnovers pulling the score back to 22-21 to Loughborough a t the end of the half – this was a nail biting half and the second half did not have any less excitement.

Loughborough HS took the lead again, but an injury in the third moved the C from G&L to WD and the turnovers kept coming.  G&L ended the quarter up b2 (34-36).  There was everything to play for in the final quarter and there was a nervous start from both teams – but the shooters were still putting the goals away.  It looked like Loughborough would take the win leading with a  few minutes to play – but then came the G&L surge!  With 25 seconds to go it was a G&L centre at 48-48 – no pressure for their shooters – taking the lead with 15 seconds to go and a Loughborough HS centre.  LHS got the ball to their GS but it didn’t drop and G&L were the champions!  What a final!!!

Strong performances from all players, with WD Jessica Mayer from Godolphin & Latymer School being awarded MVP by Manchester Thunder’s Laura Malcolm.

Click here for a Gallery of Photographs from the U16 Sisters n Sport National Cup Final taken by Clive Jones.

Seniors Sisters n Sport Netball National Final
Bromsgrove School v Royal Russell School

Seniors SnS National Champions – Bromsgrove School
MVP  –  Ellie Preese – Bromsgrove School

The Seniors final was all set to be a showstopper from when the two coaches of supporters arrived – we have horns, banners and singing for both teams – the atmosphere was electric!  Royal Russell were the first to strike with speed on the attack and accurate shooting.   Bromsgrove were struggling to get past a very strong defensive unit.  At the end of the first quarter RR had taken a 5 goal lead – 13-8.  Bromsgrove made some changes in the shooting circle and centre court – they came out firing and took control of the game.  Royal Russell finished the half with a narrow one goal lead – 21-20.

The third quarter began and the crowd were bouncing!  They were lifting their players and spurring them on.  Bromsgrove began strong again – but every ball was fought for and there was no let up from either team.  The quarter was going goal for goal and then Bromsgrove gained the momentum and took a 7 goal lead at the end of the third.  Royal Russell began a strong fight back in the final quarter winning the quarter but Bromsgrove held on enough to take the win and become champions – 41-38.

Great performances from all players, with WD Ellie Preese from Bromsgrove being awarded MVP by Manchester Thunder’s Laura Malcolm.

Click here for a Gallery of Photographs from the Senior Sisters n Sport National Cup Final taken by Clive Jones. 

U11 Sisters n Sport Netball National Cup Final
The Grange School v Putney High School

U11 SnS National Champions – The Grange School
MVP  – Ivana Igoe – The Grange School

First up we had The Grange School, Northwich facing Putney High School.  Both teams were so excited for the final as it was the first time they had competed in a National Cup competition.  The match started and went goal for goal for the full first ten minutes – there were flying interceptions and the shooters were shooting long bombs – fantastic netball from just young players!  At the end of the first quarter nothing could separate the teams – 6-6.  The Grange turned up their defensive game in the second quarter – their full court defence managed to create lots of turnovers and Putney struggled to get the ball the their shooters.  The Grange created a 5 goal lead to take into the second half.

A close third quarter followed with great attacking moves from both teams.  Only one goal separated the teams in this quarter but the lead from the first half put The Grange in the driving seat for the final quarter.  Putney came out strong and started putting the goals on the board – The Grange had to work hard to score off their centre passes and the nerves were starting to show a little.  In the end there was not enough time for a Putney comeback but the girls fought until the very end – with The Grange taking the win and becoming U11 Sisters n Sport National Cup Champions 24-21.

Huge performances from such young players, with GD Ivana Igoe from The Grange being awarded MVP by Loughborough Lightning’s Jess Shaw.

Click here for a Gallery of Photographs from the U11 Sisters n Sport National Cup Final taken by Clive Jones.

U12 Sisters n Sport Netball National Cup Final
Cheadle Hulme School v Redmaids’ High School

U12 SnS National Champions – Cheadle Hulme School
MVP  – Tiger Barlow –Cheadle Hulme School

For the second final of the day we had North v South West.  The Cheadle Hulme School had brought a coach load of pupils and so they were well supported for their final – banners and flags filled the sports hall.  Cheadle Hulme were strong from the offset – straight to goal from their centre pass and the shooters doing their job to put the goals on the board.  Redmaids fought for each ball and were strong on their own centre pass but a few turnovers from Cheadle Hulme School put them 13-4 up at the end of the first quarter.  Cheadle Hulme did not slow down in the second quarter – fast movement and relentless defence.  Redmaids contested each ball – but Cheadle Hulme were too strong and they extended their lead to 29-7.

In the third quarter Cheadle Hulme kept the momentum, scoring quickly from their centre passes and successful in turnover ball. The shooters rewarded the defences efforts with high shooting percentages, making it diffcult for Redmaids defence to turn ball over or capitalise on rebound opportunities. Redmaids had some impressive moments and intercepts but they could not convert and Cheadle Hulme pushed on with the quarter ending 41-8.

Redmaids continued to work hard in the final quarter and had some lovely passages of play through court but found it hard to get the ball to their shooters due to the Cheadle Hulme GK applying a lot of pressure from the back. Cheadle Hulme were outstanding from start to finish but the score did not reflect how well Redmaids performed throughout the game. The game ended Cheadle Hulme 55 – Redmaids 10.

Strong attacking and defensive performances from both teams with GS Tiger Barlow from Cheadle Hulme School being awarded MVP by Loughborough Lightning’s Jess Shaw.

Click here for a Gallery of Photographs from the U12 Sisters n Sport National Cup Final taken by Clive Jones.

U13 Sisters n Sport Netball National Final
Cheadle Hulme School v Berkhamsted School

U13 SnS National Champions – Cheadle Hulme School
MVP  – Maisie Chrimes – Cheadle Hulme School

For the third final of the day we had Cheadle Hulme going for the double – the crowd still cheering!   This time they were up against the South East Regional Champions – Berkhamsted School.  Both teams didn’t blink in the first quarter – goal for goal for the full 12 mins with Berkhamsted taking a slim lead of one goal at the end of the quarter.  Following their team talk Cheadle Hulme scored 4 goals from the whistle and took the lead, their court play was relentless for the quarter and Berkhamsted took time to settle and respond.  At the end of the half and Cheadle Hulme had a lead of 9 – 24-15.

The third quarter was much closer – both teams contesting for every ball, shots defended fiercely and any rebounds hotly contested.  The quarter score was 7-5 to Cheadle Hulme which meant they had extended their lead to 11 with 12 mins left to play – 31-20.   The final quarter continued to be a well fought contest bur Cheadle Hulme’s lead was too much for Berkhamsted to break down and Cheadle Hulme were crowned Champions with a 39-25 win.

Great performance from all players on court, with GA Maisie Chrimes from Cheadle Hulme School being awarded MVP by Loughborough Lightning’s Jess Shaw.

Click here for a Gallery of Photographs from the U13 Sisters n Sport National Cup Final taken by Isabel Pearce

U14 Sisters n Sport Netball National Final
Wirral Grammar School for Girls v Berkhamsted School

U14 SnS National Champions – Wirral Grammar School for Girls
MVP  – Lucy Clayton – Wirral Grammar School for Girls

The final match of the Sisters n Sport National Cup Finals and it was North v South East again.  Berkhamsted fielded their second team of the finals and they would face the Northern Regional Champions – Wirral Grammar School for Girls.  Would Wirral Grammar for Girls make it a clean sweep for the Northern teams or would Berkhamsted put a win on the board for the South East?

A close start for both teams – goal for goal – both teams shooting well and taking the ball to goal.  Wirral took the first break and then gained a flow making the most of their momentum – with left the score at 17-8 at the end of the first quarter.  Wirral Grammar continued to dominate in the second quarter but Berkhamsted stayed strong on their own centre passes and put pressure on them throughout the quarter.  Strong performances in defence for Wirral Grammar helped to increase their lead.

The third quarter was tightly contested – lots of turnovers and increased defensive pressure meant this was a close and low scoring quarter – both circle defence made it difficult to get the ball to the shooters.  With just 12 mins to play – each ball was contested and nothing was given away.  Wirral Grammar for Girls were in the driving seat and they were on track for the win – continued turnovers from the circle defence and flowing court play to the accurate shooters ensured the win – 50-28.

Great team performances from both teams, with GK Lucy Clayton from Wirral Grammar School for Girls being awarded MVP by Loughborough Lightning’s Jess Shaw.

Click here for a Gallery of Photographs from the U14 Sisters n Sport National Cup Final taken by Isabel Pearce. 

Thank you so much!

The aim of the Sisters n Sport Netball National was to give netballers more opportunities to compete and for them to experience playing teams from across the country that they would not normally play against – to experience travelling as a team and creating netball memories.
Thanks to the support of all the schools entering this years competition has exceeded all of our expectations and we are excited to be working with inspiresport to make next year’s Cup even bigger.

Entries are open for the 2019/2020 inspiresport Sisters n Sport Netball National Cup

Places are filling fast and so book early before Easter to guarantee your place





Top Inspiring Sporting Quotes for #IWD2019

It’s International Women’s Day & we are celebrating by sharing some of our favourite female quotes. We’ll kick off with the awesome Serena Williams who takes nothing for granted:

To all of you, thank you for inspiring us! ❤

Happy #IWD2019 !

1. Serena Williams

On success:


For our second post for #IWD2019, we turn to the icon that is Michelle Obama. 🙌

Michele Obama

On ambition:

We couldn’t choose our favourite female sporting quotes for #IWD2019 & NOT include the amazing Ama Agbeze talking about our favourite sport of netball ink her open letter following England Netball’s Commonwealth Games victory last year.

Ama Agbeze

On belief:

Love this from Aussie Diamonds Head Coach, Lisa Alexander. This is EXACTLY where women’s sport needs to get to! Happy #IWD201, everyone!

Lisa Alexander

On equality:


THIS is what sport is all about for us. Great quote, Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA gymnast) after trending globally on social media in January for her perfect 10 score at the 2019 on the floor at the Collegiate Challenge.

Katelyn Ohashi

On loving her sport:

Sport is nothing without passion: Feel it in Tracey Neville’s voice in this quote! #IWD2019

Tracey Neville

On opportunity:


Wise words indeed from Judy Murray on #IWD2019.

Judy Murray

On not being ashamed to have drive and dreams:

We love Andy Murray for this – writing a column in the French sports paper L’Equipe in response to the criticism his coach Amélie Mauresmo received. #IWD2019

Andy Murray

On feminism:

It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female – it’s what you know that counts: Australian Open semi-finalist Lucas Pouille’s praise for coach Amelie Mauresmo. #IWD2019

Lucas Pouille

On Equality:

Love this by Mo’ne Davis 🙌

✅ one of two girls who played in the 2014 Little League World Series

✅ first girl to earn a win & to pitch a shutout in Little League World Series history.

✅ first Little League baseball player to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated as a Little League player.

Mo’ne Davies

On greatness:

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How To Improve Your Netball Skills This Year

We all know how much fun it is to play netball in Kingston and elsewhere around the UK – it’s a brilliant game that teaches you all about hand to eye coordination, being a team player, tactical thinking and a whole lot more… which is why so many people of all ilks love to head out onto the netball court again and again.

But what if you want to elevate your game this year and take it to the next level? No doubt there are countless of you out there who are perfectly happy just bouncing the ball around the court (no footwork, though!) and having fun on a social level… but if you’re keen to be the best you can be and perhaps even play professionally one day, you’ve got to focus and really work on those netball skills. Here are a few top tips that might help.


Communication is key

Never forget that netball is a team game and in order to be as successful as you can, you need to work on your communication skills. You’ve got to work with the other players on the team and keep on talking to them to boost not only your game but theirs as well.


Practice against a wall

If you’re struggling to get all your teammates together but know you need to practice, head outside and find yourself a convenient brick wall somewhere. Make a few marks on the wall and then spend some time trying to improve the accuracy of your throwing.


Time trials

Again, something you can do by yourself if you want to be able to zip around that court quicker than you do right now. Set up some markers about 20m apart and then time how long it takes you to sprint between the two. Do this regularly and watch as your personal best improves week after week.


Watch professional matches

A brilliant way to up your game is to head out to watch some professional matches so you can see how the game is played on a bigger stage. You’re sure to pick up a few new ideas and come away with lots of potential new skills to practice.


Prioritise decision-making drills

You’ve got to be able to think clearly and think quickly when on the netball court, so you can make better decisions – which will result in fewer intercepted passes and greater possession for your team.


Build your fitness

While you might be amazing at passing the ball and brilliant at shooting it into the net, if your fitness isn’t up to scratch you’ll find yourself getting left behind in the opposition’s dust. Hit the gym a bit more and build up your cardio so you can be the one dashing about, hard to catch, in your next netball match.

Want to find out more about netball in the UK? Check out this article on the Guardian website.

Media Release: Sisters n Sport partner with inspiresport for National Cup

Sisters n Sport Netball is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with inspiresport.

inspiresport has joined with Sisters n Sport as the Official Title Sponsor of the National Cups ran by Sisters n Sport for schools.  The two organisations will be working together to provide the inspiresport Sisters n Sport National Cup to schools in England and together launch two NEW National Cups for 2019 – in Wales and Scotland. 

“Sisters n Sport Netball is delighted to be teaming up with such great organisation like inspiresport,” said Jen Fields, co-founder and co-owner of Sisters n Sport Netball.

“inspiresport share the same passion for sport as Sisters n Sport – when we looked at the tours inspiresport create for young players, it was easy to see the similarities between the two organisations. We’re looking forward to working with the inspiresport team in what is a huge year for our National Netball Cup for Schools.”

Victoria Knights (Jen’s Sister and Co-founder of Sisters n Sport) added “In 2018 over 4000 athletes took to the court to compete in the Sisters n Sport National Cup – for the inspiresport Sisters n Sport National Cups 2019/2020 – we want more and more girls to bib up with their team and take to the court.  Through launching new National competitions in Wales and Scotland we will be giving more girls this opportunity”

This is a three-year partnership and will also include the launch of U11 National Netball Festivals across England, Wales and Scotland to provide more competition for primary school children.

Steve Butchart, CEO at inspiresport said:

“We’re excited to be working with Sisters n Sport over the next 3 years to help cement our position as the leading provider of netball sports development tours. Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of netball enquiries from school and youth teams across the country – it’s now our second biggest enquiry after football. The team at Sisters n Sport provide a perfect combination of top-class competition whilst keeping coaching fun and fresh for the new generation of netballers. Working with UK Netball Super League coaches and players, Sisters n Sport delivers on our mission to provide fantastic netball experiences for girls in the UK.”

The inspiresport Sisters n Sport National Cup 2019/2020 are open for entries – Click here to enter your school

For more information about the inspiresport Sisters n Sport National Cup 2019/2020 or to find a Sisters n Sport Netball Programme near you – visit

For information about inspiresport and to find the perfect sports tour for your school or club – visit






Children Who Play Sports ‘Have Healthier Bones’

We all know that it’s a good idea to encourage children to be active. There’s always a lot in the news about childhood obesity, but new research has revealed that there are other reasons you should consider getting your kids to attend Wandsworth netball lessons.

A study in the US recently found that children who play sports when they’re younger and through their adolescent years have stronger bones as adults than those who don’t, News4Jax reported.

The researchers also pointed out that the ability level of the children didn’t matter, it is all about participation.

Researchers followed 948 children from the ages of five to 17, and reported that those who consistently participated in sports had a better bone mass at the age of 20 than those who either didn’t do any sporting activity, or who started and then dropped out.

Abby Abelson, M.D. of Cleveland Clinic who wasn’t involved in the study, told the news provider that we build most of our bone in our younger years, but reach peak bone mass in our late 20s.

“What people do in childhood and adolescence, and early adulthood, is really building a bone bank, so we have to pay particular attention to the things that we do when we’re young,” she asserted.

This comes after another US-based study found that parents shouldn’t only rely on organised sport to make their children reach recommended activity levels each day. Times Now News revealed that the research indicated that often organised sports sessions lasting an hour typically provide around 20 to 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise.

That means youngsters could be falling short on their target of an hour of moderate exercise each day if they’re not also engaging in other activities and active play.

Sisters n Sport Netball National Cup 2018/2019 – National Finalists Revealed

One Week to Go!

Regional Winners and Finalists Confirmed

When the Sisters n Sport Netball National Cup launched back in April 2018, we wanted to give netballers more opportunities to compete and for them to experience playing teams from across the country that they would not normally play against.

Across the 7 age groups 125 schools entered, with over 350 teams, which means over 4000 athletes took to the court in this years competition.   The support and enthusiasm from the girls, coaches, teachers and parents has been brilliant – and the quality of netball has been fantastic!

Below is a round up of the age groups, our Regional Champions and Qualifiers for the National Finals.


North – The Grange School, Northwich  

Midlands – Bedford Girls School  

South East – Putney High School   

South West – The Maynard School

National Final – The Grange School v Putney High School



North – Cheadle Hulme School

Midlands – Kings High, Warwick

South East – St Catherine’s School

South West – Redmaids’ High School 

National Final – Cheadle Hulme School v Redmaids’ High School


North – Cheadle Hulme School

Midlands – Solihull High    

South East – Berkhamsted School

South West – St Swithuns 

National Final – Cheadle Hulme School v Berkhamsted School


North – Wirral Grammar School for Girls  

Midlands – Bromsgrove School  

South East – Berkhamsted School 

South West – Penryn College

National Final – Wirral Grammar School for Girls v Berkhamsted School


North – The Grange School

Midlands – Solihull High    

South East – Putney High School   

South West – St Swithun’s 

National Final – Solihull High v St Swithun’s 


North – Parrenthorn

Midlands – Loughborough High School    

South East – Godolphin & Latymer

South West – Truro School

National Final – Loughborough High School v Godolphin & Latymer


North – Oldham Hulme Grammar School

Midlands – Bromsgrove School

South East – Royal Russell School

South West – Wycombe Abbey

National Final – Bromsgrove School v Royal Russell School

Check out some of the team photos below!

Thank you so much for sharing your team photos with us – keep them coming!

Entries open for Next Year – Places are filling fast and so booked early to guarantee your place




England Netball – Take centre stage among the sporting elite

England Netball – Take centre stage among the sporting elite

Back in April, thousands of English netball supporters sat in the dark at 4am, waiting for the Netball Final of the Commonwealth Games – hoping England would take it to the Aussies and make it a good game.  We hoped, prayed and wished for a win – but with the home team producing several strong performances and dominating the international scene, it seemed a difficult task.  It was a great game – the Vitality Roses definitely took it to the Aussies and history was made.  The netball world order had shifted and we will all remember where we were the moment Helen Housby sank the final goal and all screaming and running around our living rooms at 5 in the morning.

Image – Sky News

What we witnessed was a team of women who dug deep, they weren’t phased when they went behind, they weren’t pushed off the ball in a physical game and they took every opportunity they earned and were sometimes given.  With a new coaching team and a centralised – they were doing things differently and it worked.  This was the result of years of hard work from the players, the coaching staff and the governing body.  They had worked tirelessly for this moment, they wanted it, deserved it and they took it with both hands.

In the netball world – we knew this was huge!  The players were superstars and amongst ourselves we celebrated the achievements of this team and coaching staff – they had changed the netballing landscape and inspired generations.  More girls took to the courts to learn the game and thousands of women dusted off the netball kit and found themselves a team – England Netball saw an increase in participation of 130k in just 3months.  Since that Gold medal, Nike have been announced as the England Netball kit sponsor, Sport England committed to further investment and Vitality signed a huge sponsorship deal.  Netball had moved into the spotlight and last night was the opportunity to shine on the world stage.

(Photo credit:  FRANCOIS-XAVIER MARIT/AFP/Getty Images)

At the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Awards, the Vitality Roses stood proudly on the stage in front of the international sporting elite.  Every long journey they made for a game, the juggling of studying and full time jobs with training, every sprint that hurt, the pain of losing, the injuries and the setbacks –it was all worth it.  They will have remembered the first match they won, their first teammates, the coach who introduced them to the game and most off all their parents, family and friends who supported them through every selection, every victory and every loss –it all led them to here.

Image via The Netball Show – Twitter

As the England Netball team stepped on to the stage to be presented with Team of the Year and Sporting Moment of the Year at the SPOTY awards – it was their time, their turn and they deserved to win – but most all they belonged.  Women’s sport was centre stage in the arena of sporting greatness and they had their place – inspiring the next generation – as after all ‘if you can see it – you can be it’.

Tips On Keeping Kids Active Over Christmas

Christmas is a time for relaxing, resting and indulging. However, it is also important to keep your kids active, whether it is the festive period or not, to make sure they stay as healthy as possible when there are a lot of sugary treats around.

Here are some tips on how to get your children moving over Christmas.


– Boxing Day walk

According to recent data from the national child measurement programme, the problem of childhood obesity is getting worse, with severe obesity among year six children increasing by over a third since 2006.

Therefore, as they are likely to be tucking into more chocolates and cakes than usual, it is a good idea to keep their activity levels up to reduce the chance of weight gain.

A great way to do is to go on a Boxing Day walk. By getting the whole family involved, children are more likely to participate, and it is good for keeping everyone healthy over Christmas. What’s more, you can get some much-needed fresh air and a chance to catch up with loved ones away from distractions at home.


– Get them a fitness tracker

If you have yet to finish Christmas shopping, consider getting your kids a fitness tracker. This will encourage them to meet their step target every day – particularly over Christmas when they are unlikely to be taking as many steps as usual.


– Enrol them in a team

Get them involved in team sports, such as girls’ netball classes, which has many benefits, including keeping them active, boosting comradeship, and encouraging them to make friends.

Parents ‘Struggling’ To Get Kids Away From Screens

We all know the benefits of getting out and about and being more physically active, whether that’s by signing up for Kingston netball lessons, kicking a ball about or simply just going for a long walk around your local area – but it seems that there are many parents out there still struggling to convince their children to step away from their computer and phone screens, and start being more active instead.

Chief executive of Sport England Tim Hollingsworth has come out and said that helping parents encourage their children to be more physically active is one of his key challenges, with a new study due to be released that will examine the levels of activity among young people, the BBC reports.

Mr Hollingsworth explained to BBC Radio 5 live’s Sportsweek programme that he too faces the same struggles as other mums and dads, as the father of two teenage boys… and he’s now going to try to make sport more accessible for all.

“How do you make sport more accessible? Can we make booking a sporting facility or going and finding out what’s available to you as easy as TripAdvisor makes it for hotels and restaurants?

“We do have to think differently about what activity is, what exercise can be, because it’s not right to suggest that everyone has the time, the space, the opportunity, the finances to do sport in a purely traditional way,” he went on to say.

It seems that an increasing number of people are becoming more interested in leading an active lifestyle and getting off the sofa to move around more. Recent Sport England research shows that nearly 300,000 more people are now enjoying 150 minutes of physical activity each week and 116,400 fewer people are now considered inactive (which means doing over 30 minutes of activity every week).

If you’re keen to start moving about more or encouraging your kids to do the same, starting netball classes could be a really fun way to go about it. Not only your health and fitness improve, but you could make lots of new friends into the bargain.

Here at Sisters n Sport, we run a series of different programmes aimed at people of all ages so everyone can take part. If you have very little ones at home, why don’t you look into your Netball Tots class, which is the perfect way to introduce your kids to this particular sport.

We’ll teach them all the key skills involved, from throwing and catching to speed, footwork and agility through lots of fun games, as well as encouraging them to learn about teamwork and collaboration. Parent participation is also required for our preschool classes so you and your brood will have a fantastic time, learning and playing together.


‘How the Fast 5 Netball Tournament inspired me & lots of other young netballers’

‘How the Fast 5 Netball Tournament inspired me & lots of other young netballers’

On Saturday 13th October, I went to watch the British Fast 5 Netball at the Copper Box at the Olympic Park. In my opinion, Fast 5 Netball is a fast paced, inspiring sport when you don’t know what will happen next – one minute you could be losing 15-0 then the next you could be winning 30-15. It’s not a game where if your team is winning by a huge difference you can relax because you never know what will happen next and that is what makes it more exciting and different from other sports.

The atmosphere was fantastic but what stood out to me was not seeing lots of women playing netball, not that it was being filmed by Sky Sports (although both of these were amazing!); what stood out to me was seeing lots of girls supporting their teams – Wasps, Mavericks or Surrey Storm or any other team. They had come to support their team, just as people go to support their football or rugby teams.

Another brilliant thing at the Fast 5 was seeing the players playing their hearts out but then despite being probably very tired, they all took the time to sign autographs. They may not realise it but it means so much to girls my age (11) to meet our sport heroines. Who knows if watching and meeting these netballers might lead to the start of a new generation of female sports stars?

If you have not been to watch a netball match live yet, although you have started playing at school, I would recommend going along to one because it is really inspiring. “If you can’t see it, you can’t be it” as the 20×20 campaign says.

It was honour to speak to Sharni Layton and to be allowed to touch Rachel Dunn’s Golden Ball Award for the Player of the Tournament (well done to her). Now all I want to do is to go out and practise lots of shooting!




Natasha Bennett, GA, Age 11