Boost Your Christmas Dinner!

You may be taking a break from your Putney netball classes in the week of Christmas, but make sure you maximise your gains from Christmas dinner.

Christmas dinner has an unfairly bad rep as an unhealthy meal and it doesn’t need to be the case. Follow these tips to enjoy, and boost your gains from Christmas dinner.

Go BIG on the turkey

Turkey is a great lean meat that many healthy eaters rely on throughout the year, and should be welcomed at the Christmas table.

Make sure you get a large portion of turkey meat to help you feel satisfied and get your protein needs met.

Pigs in blankets

As long as they are good quality, a couple of these won’t hurt and will boost your protein intake, along with a bit of fat to make sure you are satisfied.

Eat your sprouts (and cabbage)

Christmas dinner actually includes a couple of vegetable powerhouses that we don’t see much of the rest of the year. Brussels sprouts are incredibly rich in a range of important vitamins and minerals including iron and folate which is important for women of child-bearing age.

Red cabbage is similarly packed with an impressive array of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals, so help yourself liberally.

Eat the rainbow

It doesn’t stop with the sprouts and cabbage either. Make sure you eat the rainbow this Christmas and get some carrots, parsnips and any other vegetables going in you.

Chocolate is basically a vegetable

Chocolate and nut-based sweet treats contain fibre and antioxidants, as long as they are good quality.