3 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Fit

Now we’re over half way through January, the new year is no longer feeling so ‘new’, and if you’ve kept up with your new year fitness resolutions, then well done! Keep it up! It can be difficult at this time of year to embrace a new fitness regime, so Putney netball classes have some tips to help avoid making some common mistakes.

Health England has just announced another instalment of their “This Girl Can” campaign, according to AdWeek, showing realistic depictions of women proving they can, while pregnant, or during their period, or with disabilities. Motivation and determination are essential to getting yourself fit, but let’s have a look at what to avoid.

Firstly, your body is not the enemy! You need to work with your body, not fight against it, or it will fight back. When you start a new fitness and health plan, you could be asking your body to do a lot of new things, and it’ll take time for it to become accustomed to all this new activity. Results don’t happen immediately, so be kind to yourself.

We are all slaves to social media, letting it dictate what we should eat, what we should be wearing, and sadly, what we should look like. Never let social media define your fitness goals. You have the power to make your own choices, and while it’s fine to be inspired by Instagram influencers, only you know what you want from your body.

Choose your goals sensibly. You might want drastic changes to your health, fitness, and lifestyle. But unrealistic goals mean we’re more unlikely to fall off the wagon sooner. Plan your goals in a way that you know you can achieve, and then once that’s done, plan the next goal.

Joining a sports team is an incredibly good way to get active and feel fitter, as well as the social experience of team building with other women. If you’re thinking of finding netball courses in Putney, then get in touch today.